Aluminum sheet Slitting Machine
 CAPACITY               300~400 pcs / min
 ELECTRICITY          200v, 380v x 1.5 kw
 DIMENSION             L1,800 x W1,300 x H1,300 mm
 WEIGHT                   1,000 kg

  This machine is a machine that cut the aluminum sheets to fit a certain size.
  It has an auto grainding system that can cutting a printed AL-SHEET into a fixed size.

  Because there is an auxiliary auto-grinding function, the user does not have to take the blades out for

  There are two revolving of circular blades on the upper and lower sides of a moving plate that can be
  regulated for cutting to control the width size.

  The aluminium sheet, which is cut to size, is used to move to a press machine to form the shape of
  the aluminium cap.

  Easy to operate and maintenance, high rated of qualified products, low power consumption.