Automatic Cap press Machine
 CAPACITY               800~900 pcs / min
 ELECTRICITY          220v, 380v x 5.5 kw
 DIMENSION             L2,700 x W2,100 x H2,000 mm
 STROKE                  100 mm

  This machine features an automatic press checking system which can change to automatic, manual,
  and time-controlled modes. Before operating, the cut aluminum plates can be loaded into a carrying plate,
  and it automatically moves to the next process. At this time, it checks the condition of the press and trimming
  state. After the auto checking process, if there are not only problems, it converts the S/W.

  Supplementary equipment - WAX COATING SYSTEM

  If this equipment is installed, it will help to reduce the likelihood of inferior products during pressing and will
  improve the mechanical operating process.
  As a result, it reduces a process of manufacturing and prime costs.

  * Our company also deal in aluminum sheets, recommend and sell the appropriate aluminum sheet according
    to the customer's additional requirements.