Ring Separator
 TYPE                         Horyzontal / Vertical Type
 ELECTRICITY           200v, 380v x 0.2 kw
 DIMENSION              L1,300 x W800 x H2,800 mm
 WEIGHT                    150 kg

  This is a RING separator machine.
  It separate RINGs and collects the forming products, and relays them to the next process.

  After press processing, if the RING is misplaced, which might cause an inferior product or a mechanical
  malfunction. So this machine is equipped with device that can separate a shaped CAP and RING from the press
  machine. In addition, the machine must surely separate the RING and place it away from the machine.

  The RING and CAP will be separated automatically, the separated cap will moves to the TANK through the pipe
  for the next step.

  Easy to operate and maintenance, high rated of qualified products, low power consumption.