Cap Storage Tank
Cap Feeding Conveyor & Chute
 CAPACITY               5,000 pcs
 ELECTRICITY          220v, 380v x 0.4 kw
 DIMENSION             L1,000 x W1,000 x H2,000 mm
 WEIGHT                   100 kg
 CAPACITY                 300~400   pcs / min
 ELECTRICITY             kw
 DIMENSION                mm
 WEIGHT                      kg

  This is a CAP storage TANK that stores pressed products in order to deliver it through the chute line correctly
  for the next process.

  Even though there is any problems on the chute line, the stored products can be stop operation in the TANK.

  This is a Conveyor belt that convey the cap more quick and accurate.
  This conveyor helps to transport the caps from a feeder or another conveyor.
  The gravity chute offers the added advantage of a vertical drop from feeder or conveyor, saving floor space.
  Also, customers can check the condition of the caps on the conveyor through the movement of the conveyor.