8-Spindle Kurling Machine
 CAPACITY                 1,000~1,500   pcs / min
 ELECTRICITY            1.5 kw
 DIMENSION                L820 x W700 x 1,350 mm
 WEIGHT                      930 kg

  This is a Spindle knurling machine which not only makes its form by pressing the caps aligned by HOPPER,
  but also offers high speed production. It has a press equipment in which the revolving by revolution TOOL
  makes the CAM operate.

  Also, it has a self control funtion to allow stopping without products and without removing the pressed product
  because the motor also has a brake, when it detects and inferior product, it immediately stops working.

  Caps are fed into the machine by feeder device unit in position and delivered to combination tool set and
  the completed cap come with single direction by chute and deliver to Knurling machine.
  Wearing Parts such as knurling and perforated cutters can be quickly replaced, without any need to dismantle
  the whole unit.
  The TOOL designed for easy assembly and disassembly, is especially designed to control detail regulation.

  Making a shape of bottle caps is very important work in the cap process, so it requires delicate technology.
  However, we have the utmost expertise in this field.