Cap Capping Machine
 CAPACITY                30~40 pcs / min
 ELECTRICITY           200v, 380v x 0.4 kw
 DIMENSION              L600 x W450 x H1,950 mm
 WEIGHT                    180 kg

  This machine is designed to simply & small, and portable semi automatic capping machine.

  When producing small quantity with diverse sort, can produce by a very simple operation.

  In addition, can produce any kind of bottles from small bottles to big bottles, available to use
  from 18mm to 30mm in diameter of cap.

  A small and simple designed portable capping machine.

  It is used for checking a final production state in a bottle cap process.

  It helps to regulate a shape or size to determine the guide or the height of the machine of manufactured goods.

  * In addition to these portable type of machines, we can manufacture machines that are capable of producing
    large-scale machines.